Pounders Law: North Texas Property Tax Solutions (214) 628-4357Pounders Law: North Texas Property Tax Solutions (214) 628-4357



Dallas Office :

Our Dallas office is located in the Knox-Henderson Restaurant-Shopping District just a few minutes north of Downtown Dallas.  Several great restaurants and stores are just a short walk from us.

Please feel free to park in our convenient “horse shoe” driveway out-front on the southbound Central Expressway service road, or any of the many parking places behind the building on Insurance Lane. For Insurance Lane parking, set your GPS to 4626 Insurance Ln., Dallas TX 75205.

Knox Central Place is the two story office building just to the left of the Cataract Institute of Texas Building on the south bound service road to N. Central Expressway. Our attorney offices and conference center are located on the second floor.

Please call us at (214) 628-3600 to make an appointment.



Paris Office:

Our Paris office is located at 38 First Street NW, across the street from the Lamar County Courthouse.

Please call us at (903) 669-1700 to make an appointment.